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“Stahl's Seventy's is the largest seller
of Omega-Teks in the world”

Omega-Tek has sold over 30,000 boards worldwide

Two pictures of success

Part Number


111-111-111 EXP MK-70 Expander
000-006-525-O MK 30 Stepper
6525-EXP Omega-Tek's MK-30 Expander
111-111-003 SMP Omega-Tek MK 82-70 Chassis
111-111-111-1PC Omega-Tek with pindication
111-111-111-1WO Omega-Tek without pindication

The greatest improvements ever made to the AMF pinspotter was when Jim Hudson designed the Omega-Tek PC board to replace the 5 boards in the original chassis and followed up with an Omega-Tek to replace the stepper, timer motor and timer switch in the 5850 and 6525 chassis. Every one has tried to compete with Omega-Tek, but has fallen way short. The lifetime warranty that Jim Hudson gives you on his boards tells you the Omega-Tek is the best board ever made.

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