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MK-30 Expander

Offers a complete package for interfacing with AMF Automatic Scoring.

Proprietors with Omega-Tek MK-30 Conversions who now have AMF automatic scoring can now obtain full interface capability for elimination of the first revolution of the table on a strike cycle, elimination of the K & L wiring in the table, and diagnostic readout of the APS signal for a fraction of comparable MP chassis price.

Check these features:

  • Converts 82-30 chassis with MK-30 conversion to an MP chassis.

  • Installs in minutes. Uses existing mounting holes for timer motor.

  • Complete with all cables. All connections made by push-on terminals.

  • Diagnostic LED's provide assurance of proper operation and speed troubleshooting.

  • Expander can be removed and 82-30 chassis with MK-30 Conversion will revert to conventional pinspotter cycle.

  • Works with all Omega-Tek MK-30 Conversions.

Keep in mind if you buy Brunswick, Easy Score, or Score Keeper your existing Omega-Tek MK-30 performs all functions that the MP chassis performs. No further expense necessary!

If you already have or will be buying AMF scoring, purchase the Omega-Tek Expander package for a fraction of any competing system

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