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Meet the Staff
Come meet the staff at Stahl's Seventy's. Now when you call you can put a face with the voice.


Eric and his sister Connie have taken over the day to day operation of the business. The "Tuffy" Air Exit System was designed by Eric. He should have been an engineer! If you need help on a motor problem or want to convert to 70's or if you need to get some general information, this is the place to start. Eric is also in charge of all installations and removals.
Connie is in charge of the office and sees that the customers parts are packed and shipped on time. Connie is in charge of the office and the shipping department. Connie is a person that you will enjoy talking to. Connie is also in charge of purchasing and inventory management.
What can you say about an employee that does it all and does it well. He is in charge of all Chassis and Omega-Tek repair. As well as in charge of Building "Tuffy" ball detectors and 82-8/82-120 foul PC conversions. Jamie spends more than half his day on the phone helping customers troubleshoot their machine problems. Rest assured when you call for help, Jamie will be there to help you. He also is one of the instructor for Stahl's Seventy's pinspotter mechanic schools.
Mike works in the office with Connie and is another of our employees that does it all and does it well. Most of the time when you call; Mike will be answering the phone. He spent 12 years working for AMF Bowling and QubicaAMF. He has extensive knowledge on AMF and Qubica Scoring, as well as Century and Kegel Lane Machines.
B.J. comes to us from the fabrication industry. He is a certified welder and CNC machine operator. He has attended Gibbs Cam training for the CAD Drawing. B.J. will also be answering the phone from time to time. B.J. has worked as a pinchaser at an AMF BCO Bowling Center.
"If every business owner had employees like these,
they wouldn't have a worry in the world."
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