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Stahl's Seventy's 82-70 Mechanics School
Stahl's Seventy's has at least onel 82-70 pinspotter mechanics school each year. If you want to learn the easy way to tear down, make adjustments, rebuild and troubleshoot your machines, this is the school for you.

Where: Farmington Lanes, Farmington, MN
When: TBD
Cost: $650.00 per person

School: Each mechanic is assigned a machine to tear down, make adjustments, rebuild and trouble shoot. they are taught the easiest and best way to make adjustments.
  Special emphasis is put on the following:
  • Distributor
  • Table
  • Shuttle
  • Motors
  • Sweep
  • Switch Settings
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Table Drive Assembly

You will also be able to get information and help on related equipment. Chassis, ball returns, and foul lights.
In addition to the hands on work on the pinspotter, there will be classroom time each day before doing the daily adjustments
and work on the machines
This course is very comprehensive. we supply you with a notebook and suggest you keep a good set of notes. With all the information
you receive, it is best not to rely on your memory.
Instructor: Gary Mack
Gary is a certified QubicaAMF installer, owns a bowling center and has built many new centers from the ground up.
Call for dates and information or email us at
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