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MK 30 Stepper
82-30 Solid State Conversion from Omega-Tek

Owners of 82-30's with 6525 Chassis or 5850 Chassis can now update to Solid State with ease and economy and the assurance of Omega-Tek's LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Check these features:

  • The Omega-Tek MK-30 conversion is a single electronic module that replaces the stepper and timer motor and uses only a single set of contacts from each existing PR relay.

  • Installation requires NO SOLDERING and is direct wire for wire replacement of the stepper. All wires are accounted for and are connected directly to solderless terminals with NO CUTTING, NO STRIPPING, NO SOLDERING AND NO WIRING CHANGES.

  • All connections are made to a small terminal board using existing mounting holes. NO DRILLING OR CUTTING REQUIRED.

  • MK-30 module plugs directly into terminal board for quick replacement.

  • MK-30 program steps are read out on DIGITAL DISPLAY for quick troubleshooting and are IDENTICAL to stepper sequence so that no retraining of mechanics is necessary.

  • Foul signal is locked out after time delay on first ball to prevent customers from causing interlock on pinspotter.

  • Strike relay is active only on step 4 to prevent shorts in table wiring from causing spotting on pins.

  • Cycle from desk, no foul cycle, and speed up of time delay available options.

  • Compatible with 82-92 Chassis for latching pindication.

  • Compatible with Brunswick scoring.

  • Compatible with AMF scoring. Optional Expander board allows use without table cable or table switches, and eliminates first revolution of table on strike. Pin count is taken from scoring system.

  • Full memory allows system to be turned off at any point in cycle and cycle resumed when power is turned back on.

  • Conversion may be done by customer with substantial savings and complete assurance.

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