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Omega-Tek with pindication
Part # 111-111-111-1PC

Omega-Tek without pindication
Part # 111-111-111-1WO

Omega-Tek Smashes All Warranty, Price and Reliability Barriers with its MK-70 Single board conversion for the AMF 82-70 Solid State Chassis

  • Lifetime warranty for original purchaser ends board maintenance costs forever
  • Popular no-foul, speed-up and cycle from managers desk now field programmable
  • Works with all new style AMF masks
  • Direct plug-in replacement of PC-1 through PC-5
  • Automatically bypasses most components in chassis
  • Tested in burn-in ovens for over 100 hours at 130 degrees
  • Designed, built and tested at Omega-Tek for 100% quality control
  • All circuit breaker construction ends fuse maintenance
  • Highest quality parts used throughout
  • Made in U.S.A.

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