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Omega-Tek MK 82-70 Chassis
with PC Board & Expander
111-111-003 SMP

Omega-Tek's 82-70 SS/MP chassis is designed with emerging markets, and house mechanics in mind.

Check these features:

  • Specifically designed to withstand extremes of environment and voltage found in emerging markets
  • Uses any Omega-Tek MK-70 PC Board manufactured since 1980. Expander compatible for MP functions
  • Mother board and C2A harness can be changed in minutes
  • C1 and Motor control panel swings down for bench service
  • Allen Bradley contacts can be serviced in minutes if needed. All voltage components available worldwide
  • Field programmable in minutes for 110/220V 50/60HZ
  • Manager/Head Mechanic's key to lock out changes of boards, etc.
  • CE Compliant
  • External switches for Table, Sweep run, Cycle, Manager's control bypass and indicator for T1 power
  • Accepts either Elco or C23 mask
  • Designed with modular construction that allows complete maintenance by house mechanic.

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